Clearing a Browser Cache
Posted by Joseph Paolinelli on 13 October 2011 12:08 PM

What is a Browser Cache

The Browser Cache holds internet web page information and files so that when you return to a page you have been to previously, it will load more quickly. In many cases this is a very useful feature.

Reasons to Clear your Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache is a simple bit of preventative maintenance that you can perform. It can prevent and resolve several common issues including:

  • Computer Slowdown - The cache is a folder stored inside your computer, and a huge collection of stored files for webpages may run you out of disk space and slow down your computer.
  • Out of date browsing - Your browser might show older stored page content and ignore fresh content from the website.
  • Issues with Web based Programs and Games - The information stored in browser cache may become incomplete or corrupt.

Instructions to clear a Browser Cache for specific browsers

For instructions on how to clear your cache, please click the link that most closely matches the browser which you use. If you use multiple browsers, you may want to clear the cache for each one.

If you are using an older version of a browser listed here, we would recommend visiting the website of the browser's provider (Apple for Safari, etc.) and downloading the latest released version before you do anything else.

Instructions for clearing the cache on several supported browsers are below (you may also find this information directly from the website of the browser provider)

Clearing the Cache: Internet Explorer 8.x

Here's how to clear your Internet Explorer 8.x cache:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 8
  2. Once open and completely loaded, click on the ""Safety"" menu at the top of the page
  3. Check the box next to: ""Temporary Internet Files and History""
  4. Click the ""Delete"" button
  5. Wait for your computer to completely process this, once it is finished, your cursor should return and you can close the ""Safety"" menu
  6. Return to your previous activity

Clearing the Cache: Firefox 3.6x

Here's how to clear your Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6x) cache:

  1. Launch Firefox
  2. Click Tools from the main menu at the top of the Firefox window
  3. Select Options (the Options window will appear)
  4. Click the Advanced panel at the top right of the window
  5. Click the Network Tab in the next line
  6. Click the ""Clear Now"" button in the Ofline Storage section
  7. Click ""OK"" at the bottom of the window to close the Options Window

Clearing the Cache: Chrome

Here's how to clear your Google Chrome cache (Windows and Linux users):

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Click the tools button in the top right of your browser
  3. Select Options from the drop down and a new window will appear
  4. Select the Personal Stuff tab
    • More recently updated versions of Chrome may display the following information in the Under the Hood tab
  5. Click the ""Clear Browsing Data"" button from the Browsing Data section
  6. Check the “Empty the cacheâ€Âť option
  7. From “Clear data from this periodâ€Âť menu, select the amount of data you want to delete

Here's how to clear your Google Chrome cache (Mac users):

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. On menu bar go to Chrome > Clear Browsing Data
  3. Check the “Empty the cacheâ€Âť option
  4. From “Clear data from this periodâ€Âť menu, select the amount of data you want to delete

Clearing the Cache: Safari

Here's how to clear your browser cache in the Safari browser

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Click the Safari menu and select Empty Cache
  3. Click the Empty button in the dialog box that appears to confirm the deletion of your cache

My Browser isn't listed

Many browsers which may display and run Atari browser based games may not be in this list. Though these browsers may not be officially supported, you should be able to find instructions for clearing your browser cache on the website for the browser provider.

Be sure to only use instructions from sites that you trust.

Additional information

Although it's not required by all browsers, restarting your browser after clearing the cache is a good idea. Depending on your system and browser selection, it may be a good idea to restart the computer as well.

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