Heroes Of Neverwinter - FAQ
Posted by Joseph Paolinelli on 13 October 2011 01:37 PM

General Information

Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter brings the magic, lore, and adventure of Dungeons & Dragons to Facebook in the most engaging RPG ever to hit the platform. Create your hero, select your powers, and choose your weapons. Gather your friends and set out for epic adventure in the ancient city of Neverwinter. Battle bloodthirsty monsters, outsmart deadly traps, and discover powerful artifacts! Explore over 50 dungeons or enter the Dungeon Workshop and build your own adventures to challenge your friends.

Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter is the ultimate RPG for the Facebook platform. Start your adventure today!

Known Issues

Here is a list of the browsers that are currently supported:

  • Google Chrome 14.0.835.163 or greater
  • Mozilla Firefox 6.0 or greater
  • Apple Safari 5.1 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
If you believe that you have encountered a bug which was the source of your issue, or if you are having difficulty during gameplay, you can visit our forums for our most up to date gameplay and bug information:

Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Official Bug Report forum

Tarmalune Trade House: Facebook Credit Issues

Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter General forum


Heroes Of Neverwinter supports in-game microtransaction purchases using Facebook Credits which are converted to Astral Diamonds for use during gameplay. If you have lost Astral Diamonds during gameplay you will need to contact Atari Technical Support for assistance at

Please be sure that when contacting them that you provide the following information:

  • Account Name (Facebook)
  • Account Name (Heroes Of Neverwinter)
  • Character Name (The one that suffered the loss)
  • Character Race
  • Character Level
  • Character Class
Please note that deleting a character does not affect a player's total gold or Astral Diamond amounts since these are shared across all characters for your account.

If you encounter the error "Invalid Session", or if an update forces you to reload the client, you should be able to rejoin the session after re-entering the game.

If you are encountering an issue with Heroes Of Neverwinter not updating properly you may want to clear your browser cache. For more information about Clearing a Browser Cache, click Clearing Browser Cache.

If you are having any trouble starting Heroes Of Neverwinter in your browser, please give the following suggestions a try:

  • Double-check that your internet connection as this game will not work in offline mode
  • Make sure that you are using a supported browser. Currently we support the following browsers:
    • Google Chrome 14.0.835.163 or greater
    • Mozilla Firefox 6.0 or greater
    • Apple Safari 5.1 or greater
    • Internet Explorer 8 and 9

Heroes Of Neverwinter uses Adobe Flash so if your download progress freezes, or if the game fails to start, try clearing the Flash cache. If you are not certain how to do this please go to for instructions.

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