Mankind has expanded its reach into the distant corners of the solar system. Near-space vessels, heavy industry on the moon and thriving colonies on Mars extend humanity's empire into the great blackness of space. With the earth's mines nearly spent, in...
The current version is 1.1.5
This map will give you an overview of the entire planet that you are standing on; it will show you all the different people that have chosen claims.
Use the "W" "A" "S" "D" keys to move around the planet as well as the mouse pointer.
In order to zoom in and out you will need to use the wheel.
These rocks come out of the asteroids and they have different types of ore in them like iron, quartz, copper etc. You will need to mine these minerals in order to perform upgrades.
Use the Nano Pick for mining. You can switch to this tool by pressing the number 2 on your keyboard.
Press the R key to reload.
The Screen blinks red when you are running out of oxygen; you can also view your oxygen level at the lower left side of the screen. This is the O2 bar.
Your oxygen bar will refill when you are inside headquarters.
Inside the HQ and on your console is where the store is located. Use the store when you want to buy upgrades.
Within the HQ there is a Base Status; you can access this option in order to customize your character. Characters can be customized in a number of ways including Vehicle, Helmet and Suit color.
You can use the Shift key while moving("W" "A" "S" "D" ) to boost towards your target. This will also ensure that you don't lose oxygen so quickly while on foot.
Use the X key to switch rifles when you are being attacked by other players.
Press number "4" on your keyboard to switch to the repair tool; and shoot anywhere on your base to repair it.
Crafting is where you create your base pieces which allows you upgrade your suit, weapons and vehicles.
Hold down the space bar in order to jump higher with your jetpack.
Build a Greenhouse for an oxygen buff.
The bar on the bottom left is energy (it looks like a battery).
Press the "I" key to access your inventory.
The mining truck will help you get faster to a target and it contains its own inventory and Oxygen supply so that you do not use your suits oxygen when traveling in it.
The SC (Space Coins) is currency you can use to purchase upgrades.
By selling ore you can obtain more SC.
Access the Turret in order to shoot the Asteroids and transform them into Ore rocks. These rocks will fall and you can leave HQ in order to mine.
You can use the Big Turret to shoot down Asteroids and then go out and mine them.
Press the B key at any time to enter your Build Menu and add pieces to your Base.
This is a Large Mining tool; craft this tool at the console to mine ore rocks even faster. Up close this thing shreds Miners.
The Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle is your defense against unfriendly Miners. Hit X to switch between modes.
Walk up to the Central Console and hold E to: *Upgrade your armor *Customize your character *Check your inventory *Sell ore for a profit