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Upgrading your VCS: Upgrading RAM
Posted by Luis Vera on 23 June 2022 03:41 PM

The Atari VCS comes from the factory with two 4GB SODIMM RAM modules for a total of 8GB of RAM. The RAM can be upgraded to a maximum of 32GB.

* RAM compatibility -- The Atari VCS is compatible with DDR4-2400 SODIMM RAM. You must always mount the RAM in pairs, so to achieve the maximum capacity of 32GB you would add two 16GB modules. Please note, SODIMM RAM is a different format than RAM used in desktop computers. Desktop memory will not fit in the Atari VCS. 

* Time and effort -- Installing RAM in your Atari VCS is an advanced project and requires extreme care to ensure that you do not damage your VCS during the installation process. Installing the RAM itself is easy, but accessing it is much more difficult as the RAM is located on the bottom of the motherboard. To reach it you will need to remove the heat shield and unscrew the motherboard from the chassis. Both written and video installation guides are available to guide you through the process.  You may find this task to be challenging if you do not have experience assembling or upgrading computers. Do not attempt the upgrade if you have any uncertainty about the project. Atari is not responsible for any damage you do to your device.

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