At launch, the Atari VCS system will be available in several configurations and cosmetic designs. The VCS Classic Joystick and Modern Controller will also be available. An Atari-designed dashboard will offer a variety of game and entertainment content, ...
The Atari VCS will ship with the Atari Vault of more than 100 arcade and home classics. Additional games and content will be available, with details to be announced prior to launch.
The Atari VCS runs a Custom Atari OS based on an optimized Debian distribution of Linux.
Technical specifications are available on
Atari VCS 800 models ship with 8GB of upgradable SoDIMM memory. Atari VCS 400 models will ship with 4GB of upgradable SoDIMM memory.
Yes. The Atari VCS is highly customizable, especially in Atari VCS PC Mode. You will be able to upgrade the hardware, customize your gaming experience and make the system your own.
"PC Mode" opens up the full PC architecture of the Atari VCS so users can install a 2nd OS like Windows, Ubuntu or Chrome, and use apps like Steam (etc.) to play AAA games, retro emulators and essentially have a full PC to do anything you want.