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Receiving your VCS: Shipping

Posted byLuis Vera on 01 March 2022 03:23 PM

Domestic US Shipping

All domestic orders will ship via ground services from our Northern California fulfillment center. Please note that delivery times may be impacted by various holiday and pandemic-related delays. We cannot predict or guarantee individual shipping times. 


International Shipping

All international orders will ship from our Northern California fulfillment center. Please note that international shipping carriers are currently experiencing long delays in customs clearance and local delivery as countries around the world are going into various states of pandemic-related lockdown. We cannot predict how this will impact shipping times to individual countries. 


Landed Costs for International Shipping

As per the FAQ in our Indiegogo Campaign, the shipping and handling fee you paid will cover standard shipping to all international destinations. It did not cover landed costs, which can include GST, VAT and equivalent taxes and customs duties. You will be responsible for any additional fees that may be assessed by your local government or any postal authorities.


What makes up the landed cost?

Many different expenses can go into total landed costs, but they commonly include duties, other taxes and customs costs. Every country has its own unique codes, duty rates, taxes, forms and procedures. Customs duty is a tax, or tariff, imposed on goods when they are transported from one country to another. The customs duty rate is typically assessed as a percentage of the value of the product, or can sometimes be assessed based on other factors, such as weight, number of units, or other item-specific criteria.