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Using an Xbox One Controller with your VCS unit

Posted byRaul . on 18 December 2020 12:17 PM

If you have an Xbox One controller it will work, but you need to configure it first with the use of a keyboard. Here are the steps to configure your controller:

Note: Use these steps to get past the onboarding screens with a keyboard:

Movement - Arrow Keys
A - Enter
B - Backspace
Back - {No mapping as we already have B}
Menu - Menu Key
Atari/Fuji Logo Button - Escape
Left Bumper - Left Shift
Right Bumper - Right Shift
Left Trigger - Left CTRL
Right Trigger - Right CTRL
X - F1
Y - F2
Left Stick - F3
Right Stick - F4

Once you get past the screen where it asks you to identify your controller, you would hit "escape" and then "a".

If you have any issues at all please send us a message to